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We hope that you will have the chance to see andhiking-aradaina-from-kai appreciate this beautiful part of Greece for all it has to offer during your holiday. For this reason we arrange several oportunities for optional group excursions.

Our favorite one is to the Aradaina gorge, not as famed as the Samaria one, but because of this equally, if not more, unspoilt and much less touristy. On the fourth day of each holiday week, we arrange a hike which starts at the abandoned mountain village of Aradaina, with our guide, Vaggelis, taking you on a journey through history as you walk around and look at the beautifully maintained stone houses following the stone paths. The hike then begins by descending into the dramatic 120 meter deep gorge, on a stone path that used to be the only connection of Aradaina with the villages on the other side of the gorge. We then walk along the dry (in the summer!) river bed inside the gorge (approx. 4 km) to reach the beautiful Marmara beach, which takes its name from the marble formations either side of the beach, at its end. 

sweet water from julia

Sweet water beach is our other favorite. The water is actually sweet as there are fresh water springs right on the beach. As a result, the water glistens and on a calm day (that is, most days!) it is true paradise.

LOUTRO crete

Other excursions to nearby villages (e.g., the unspoilt port village of Loutro, which has to this day no cars, 15 minutes away by boat, 3 EURO) or gorges (e.g., Imbros gorge, 15 minutes bus trip to the entrance and 2 hours hike; Samaria gorge, 2,5 hours road trip to the entrance and 4-5 hours hike; Pachnes, the peak of theWhite Mountains at 2456 m altitude, approx. 4 hours hike from drop of point), as well as herb picking in the mountains and even bee-keeping can also be arranged upon request. 

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