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Hatha Flow Yoga Retreat with Federica

Embodied Yoga Journey: Alignment. Connection. Ease












Join us at YogaOnCrete and experience the lightness of body and spirit and joy of honouring and nurturing the needs of your body, mind and spirit through the practice of twice daily Hatha-Flow yoga, meditation, chanting and ritual, joyful encounters with the cool, turquoise Mediterranean waters at quiet beaches, idyllic unspoilt surroundings, and wholesome local food, excursions, a warm and welcoming group of people and much more!

There is a jewel lotus flower unfolding deep within my Soul
To be a jewel lotus flower unfolding is the highest goal
Hare Om Mani Padme Hum
Om Mani Om Mani Padme Hum

This is Yoga to me: to Discover, Honour and Let our divine nature unfold and shine trough life with ALL its challenges and pains, all its beauty and infinite possibilities. This course is designed to guide the student in finding their spiritual path (sadhana), in order to live a more fulfilling, balanced and peaceful life. Yoga is not a physical exercise, yoga is a holistic system that sees the human being as body, breath, mind/intellect/ego and spirit (atman). During this course we will explore these aspect of our Beings as a journey of self-discovery and powerful awakening. Each class builds upon the next, in a slow and consistent progression that allows opening up and experiencing.

Asana (postures) are the outcome of feeling and moving energy in many different directions. Asana are the physical form of the inner subtle energy body. Federica's vision is to support you in finding your own personal practice and true unique exploration. This inner process will lead you to meet the parts of the body that move easily, and breathe life into the places that feel blocked, inactive and congested. It is often in those parts we store pain, trauma and an old story. Maybe they are connected with injuries, or we just avoid them. When they are consciously accessed through practice, they can be released, unfolding a new sense of freedom and balance in the body. Often it's also a release of immense new energy. Respect and awareness within the map of the body does not force or hold expectations, but simply allows a natural unfolding. As we grow more connected with this process, our mind reconnects to our body, and emotions may release as we begin to experience the deep joy of being who we are.

Release. Receive. Rejuvenate.

Yoga is the practice of Self-Enquiry. On a practical level, our daily sadhana of yoga and meditation give us the space and time for self-enquiry. As we practice, if we can sink into the body and into the present moment, we can start to drop the judgement of the mind and the notion of ‘I’. When we are ‘of’ the mind, we tend to be in the past thinking back to some glory days or dwelling on past troubles, or fast-forward into the future and we are projecting some rose-coloured future, a fantasy life. The more we can sink into the body, bringing awareness to the breath and subtle energy flow, the more we can surrender to the present moment. When we dwell in the past and future, we are often stuck in a place of judgement – we judge this moment compared to what we thought it would be like (especially if we are struggling with a particular asana today or finding it hard to settle in meditation – it ignites judgement and mind games). So we don’t value this gift of a moment for what it is. Simply that it is. The present moment is the place where we can plant the seed of awareness and watch it grow. In each asana, in each breath, in each mantra, there is a chance for that seed to grow.

See yourself as bigger than your definitions. Go beyond the body and the mind. Beyond limitations, beyond the universe. I am and I am not. We are all one.

No previous experience in yoga is required for participation in the course.


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book now yoga on crete
  • Vacation Highlights

    • Twice daily yoga classes (12 classes)
    • Professional and experienced yoga instructor
    • 7 nights' accommodation in traditional guesthouse located near beach
    • 7 breakfasts and 5 dinners included
    • A round trip to the beautiful Sweet Water beach
    • Linen and towels provided
  • Course Program

    The week begins with an introductory yoga session at 6.00 p.m. on the day of arrival, followed by dinner.
    All other days begin at 8.30 a.m. with a 1.5-2 hour yoga class. After breakfast guests are free to relax and enjoy the beach and sunshine, receive a massage treatment, or explore the village and region. In the late afternoon at 6 pm. there is the second 1.5-2 hour yoga class, and the day's programme closes with dinner. On occasion the sessions will be held out in nature, in one of our nearby quiet beaches!

    The fourth day of the week is a rest day from classes; an optional excursion can be arranged, including a guided hike through a gorge of the region (usually the magnificent Aradaina gorge) or other season appropriate hike, ending at the beach (approx. €25 depending on number of participants going).

    All breakfasts and five dinners are offered at the house, while on two of the nights guests are free to dine out in the village restaurants (not included in the course cost; approx. €15 for a full meal including drinks).

    Individual excursions (e.g., hikes, boat trips) can also be arranged during the week at an extra cost. On the last day of each week, departure can be arranged after breakfast.

    The number of guests is limited to 14, to create a warm and friendly atmosphere, and to ascertain that individual attention is given in the classes. 

    The retreat will include

    1) Twice daily Hatha-Flow Yoga Classes with

    • Asana: starting with alignment-based work, we will find length, ease and effortlessness, in combined breath and movement sequences called Vinyasa. The different yoga sequences warm the body inside and out, developing flow, energy, strength, flexibility and grace.
    • Pranayama: the science of breathing will be a fundamental tool in awakening our energy force (prana) and in understanding the connection between mind, body and emotion.
    • Chanting and Meditation: devotion and stillness will be our friends in discovering our inner source of faith, compassion and gratitude.

    2) Rituals and ceremonies to embrace nature in our process of learning and growing together. Lots of surprises in nature, from nature, with nature....!! Playing, Singing, Dancing are a MUST!!!

    3) Lectures and Discussions in a circle/sharing on yoga philosophy, personal development....and of course about our Life!!!

    In this journey there is no teacher and no technique to memorize. We are not here to learn any new theories. We have collected so many theories that our minds seem to have lost their ability to be alert, silent and open to pure creation, which is what we seek to encourage during this week.

    "See you on the mat by the sea!"

    Federica Clemente



  • Federica Clemente
    federica-clemente-crete"What really inspires me in teaching yoga is to observe my students find they own inner Light that them  allows them to go shining in the universe without be afraid."

    Federica is a Yoga Alliance certified instructor who has practiced and studied Mysore Ashtanga, Iyengar and other forms of yoga. With a background in professional dance, massage therapy, craniosacral therapy and shamanic healing, Federica brings to her classes and workshops a wealth of background information in the mechanics of dynamic movement, energy flow and effective healing techniques. Yet, she teaches with an attitude of playfulness, acceptance and gratitude. Federica is based in South Italy where she runs Maya Yoga.

    Find out more about her at federicaclemente.com

  • Prices

          (all inclusive) per person per week

    Early Bird Discount (€50 off displayed price) applies for bookings 3 months in advance of course start date 
    • €570 shared accommodation in twin non-ensuite room (with use of communal bathroom).
    • €660 shared en suite accommodation (3 in a room) or single non-ensuite (with use of communal bathroom).
    • €710 shared en suite twin or double room.
    • €900 single en suite accommodation (please note that single room availability is limited).
    • €490 non-participating partner sharing a room.
    • €560 work-exchange option (only one place per week): about 2-3 hours’ help per day with light household tasks (e.g., washing dishes, cleaning yoga studio) that does not interfere with the attendance of all classes. Accommodation in triple room.


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