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Olive Love - A confession of love to the tree of trees.


A confession of love to the tree of trees.



OLIVE LOVE is a confession of love to the tree of trees, the olive tree. A love confession to a small oval miracle, the olive, from which comes the liquid gold of Crete, olive oil - eternal symbols of the ancient Cretan culture. It is also a confession of love to the Sfakia, probably the most original part of Crete, and its special inhabitants.


It is in Sfakia that together we will time travel from the Minoan period to today's modern olive cultivation, retracing thousands of years of history, to immerse ourselves in the mythology and beauty that surround Cretan olive culture, which continues to this day to be of fundamental social and economic importance to our beautiful island.


 This week’s focal point is the olive tree, its attributes, its character and its incomparable fruit. We follow the olive´s path from the tree to the plate. In addition, we want to familiarise ourselves with the health-promoting effect of the olive oil and learn more about the Cretan diet. Moreover, we will begin to unravel the millennia-old “beauty secret" of olive oil.




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