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Wild Heart Women's Yoga Retreat with Julie and Federica

A Journey into our Cyclical Nature

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On this retreat, we gather as women to get liberated through our cyclical nature. To meet our wild heart through an intimate journey into our essence. We gather as women to travel through the cycles of the sun, the moon, our lifetime, our womb. Every month our hormonal cycle awakens within us four primal feminine archetypes:

🌛 MAIDEN (inner spring | waxing moon | follicular phase)





🌝 CREATIVE WOMAN (inner summer | full moon | ovulation phase)




🌜 WILD WOMAN (inner autumn | waning moon | luteal phase)





🌚 WISE WOMAN (inner winter | dark moon | menstrual phase)

These phases govern the subtle energies that affect a woman and her creative potential throughout life, whether you have a menstrual cycle or have passed menopause (and most likely align to the lunar cycle). During the retreat we will explore the signature energy of each of these, and create rituals to fully embody them, each of us in our own unique way.

Held by the power of a women’s circle, we will experience the rites of passage we lack in our patriarchal society, so that we can live each archetype in its full potential. We will re-instate a connection with our fundamental nature.

Every day at the retreat we start with a morning embodiment practise (meditation, yoga, conscious movement and dance) and continue into our first circle of the day before taking a break for breakfast, rest and lunch. Then in the afternoon we continue with our second circle before sharing the evening meal together. 


"“My circle journey with Julie & Federica was a true gift to myself and I am so happy I did. Wow. It has been life changing as I understand my womanhood better. My approach to and outlook on life as well as my menses and emotions have changed, and so have my relationship with my loved ones as a result. I strongly recommend the journey and love the different aspects to it, such as the dancing which I still practice post the journey.  Julie & Federica are amazing and I love doing circles with these soul sisters.”

Wild Heart 2020 retreat participant 





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  • Vacation Highlights

    • Daily meditation and yoga session tailored to our menstrual cycle
    • Twice daily women's circles
    • Professional and experienced yoga instructor, Gestalt therapist and bodyworker (Federica) and life coach, movement & menstrual therapist (Julie)
    • Option for private life coaching or menstrual therapy sessions with Julie, and massage or Gestalt therapy sessions with Federica
    • 7 nights' accommodation in traditional guesthouse located near beach
    • 7 breakfasts and 5 dinners included
    • A round trip to the beautiful Sweet Water beach
    • Linen and towels provided
  • Course Program

    Every day at the retreat we start at around 8 a.m. with a morning embodiment practise (meditation, yoga, conscious movement and dance) and continue into our first circle of the day before taking a break for brunch. Afterwards, there’s free time to relax and enjoy the beach and sunshine, receive a massage treatment or private session with Julie or Federica, or explore the village and region. In the late afternoon, we continue with our second circle, before sharing the evening meal together.
    The week begins with an opening circle and introductory Women's Circle at 6 p.m. on the day of arrival, followed by dinner. Federica and Julie will co-create the sessions combining their many years of experience into a powerful offering of:
    -Yoga & Meditation & Breathwork
    -Conscious Movement & Dance
    -Movement & Art Therapy
    -Gestalt Therapy
    -Menstrual Therapy
    -Women’s Temple
    -Life Coaching
    -Bodywork & Massage
    They will draw on all of these to create rituals and ceremonies depending on the needs and desires of the group. You will also have the opportunity to book private sessions with each of them to support your individual journey.
    The fourth day of the week is a rest day from classes; you’re welcome to join in an optional excursion, including a guided hike through a gorge of the region (usually the magnificent Aradaina gorge) or other season-appropriate hike, ending at the beach (approx. €25 depending on number of participants).
    All breakfasts and 5 dinners are offered at the house, while on two of the nights guests are free to dine out in the village restaurants (not included in the course cost; approx. €15 for a full meal including drinks).
    Individual excursions (e.g., hikes, boat trips) can also be arranged at an extra cost.
    On the last day, departure can be arranged after breakfast.

    Day 1 - Arrival & Journey into Self (Thursday)
    Day 2 - Journey into Inner Girl (Friday)
    Day 3 - Journey into Creative Woman (Saturday)
    Day 4 - Rest Day (Sunday)
    Day 5 - Journey into Wild Woman (Monday)
    Day 6 - Journey into Medicine Woman (Tuesday)
    Day 7 - Journey into Completion (Wednesday)
    Day 8 - Departure (Thursday)

    If you're experiencing (pre-)menstrual pain, menopausal, fertility or sexuality issues, you're likely to find release, opening and a way forward. If you have a regular menstrual cycle or are post-menstrual, you’ll become deeply aware of the energies present in each of the seasons of your cycle (menstrual women) or the moon (post-menstrual women).
    Held by the power of a women’s circle, we will experience the rites of passage we lack in our patriarchal society, so that we can live each archetype in its full potential. We will re-instate a connection with our fundamental nature.
    🌛 The rite of passage of menarche, celebrating our arrival into womanhood with our first bleed.
    🌝 The rite of passage of mothering our inner girl.
    🌜 The rite of passage of knowing our wild pleasure intimately.
    🌚 The rite of passage of menopause, stepping into our wise woman powers with our last bleed.
    So that we learn to be sovereign in our womanhood and:
    🌛 Heal the wounds of our inner girl
    🌝 Tap into abundance and creativity
    🌜 Be sexual and sensual on our own terms
    🌚 Embrace the beauty and freedom of old age

    We learn to love ourselves and be open to love.
    We learn to hold ourselves and be held by others.
    Together in circle we will share our stories and learn with each other how to
    🌛 Offer safety as women to our inner girls
    🌝 Access our feminine intuition
    🌜 Be in our wildness and set boundaries
    🌚 Rest, replenish and vision
    We learn we are all Maiden + Mother + Magic + Medicine Woman.
    We are all these women.
    Every month we experience each of them.
    Every month we die and we are reborn.
    Every month we rest and we awaken.
    We bloom & thrive & shake & rest.

    Every month we meet our wild heart.

    So we say:
    I embrace rejuvenation and release exhaustion
    I embrace boundaries and release overextension
    I embrace self care and release ‘shoulds’
    I embrace shaking it out and release keeping the lid on
    I embrace being real and release wearing masks
    I embrace grounding and release escapism
    I embrace the dark and release suppression
    I embrace the light and release ignorance
    I embrace my voice and release being a good girl
    I embrace being seen and release hiding
    I embrace pleasure and release shame
    I embrace vulnerability and release toughness
    I embrace desire and release manipulation
    I embrace life force and release feeling stuck

    I embrace my wild heart.

    I surrender.

  • Instructors

    Julie Mosmuller

    julie mosmuller 2020 2In 2012 Julie decided to make a drastic change and re-align her life to her values. She left her strategy consulting career in London to study yoga in India and become a certified co-active life coach. Her life purpose is to be the heart beat that attunes you to your inner frequency. Julie combines her extensive coaching, yoga, dance and business consulting experience to help clients find their calling and unique voice. She specialises in ikigai (life purpose) and feminine empowerment coaching. 

    Find out more on www.maitreecoaching.com.

    Having recently settled on Crete, she spent the last six years travelling and giving workshops and sessions across India and Europe, and going deep into spiritual practise in her spiritual home Auroville in South India. She is certified as a Unesco creative movement therapist, an Awakening Women’s Temple leader and is a Madretierra menstrual therapist. Julie coaches a wide variety of clients internationally, online and face to face. In addition to (online and live) 1:1 sessions, she facilitates retreats, workshops and coaching training as well as monthly online gatherings and women’s circles.  Her own experience has given her a keen understanding of what it takes to switch careers successfully. Transitioning from academia to corporate life to starting her own coaching and dance therapy practice taught her the importance of loving what you do and being authentic.  Julie loves her work which gives her the freedom to combine personal, professional and spiritual growth. A common theme in client feedback is that Julie´s style is natural, warm and impactful. It is a natural extension of what she enjoys doing – creating a safe space, creating clarity and transformation. She loves her dance, yoga, art and meditation practice, and is passionate about conscious femininity and spreading cyclical awareness which she shares about on her Facebook group and Instagram account New Moon Sisters.
    Testimonial: “Julie offers a safe space, which allows me to reconnect to myself, to my inner heart. I tune in again with who I am and what is important for me. Through her use of music, I connect with presence, with my body and I feel empowered and aligned again. There is flow, answers come, peace is back, a shift happens like a subtle and juicy gift. I feel deeply grateful for her presence by my side."

    Federica Clemente
    federica-clemente-creteFederica is a Yoga Alliance certified instructor who has practiced and studied Mysore Ashtanga, Iyengar and other forms of yoga. With a background in professional dance, massage therapy, craniosacral therapy and shamanic healing, Federica brings to her classes and workshops a wealth of background information in the mechanics of dynamic movement, energy flow and effective healing techniques. Yet, she teaches with an attitude of playfulness, acceptance and gratitude. Federica is based in South Italy where she runs Maya Yoga.

    For more information visit federicaclemente.com.

  • Prices

        (all inclusive) per person per week
    • €660 shared non en suite accommodation (2 in a room) with use of communal bathroom.
    • €760 shared en suite accommodation (3 in a room) or single non-ensuite (with use of communal bathroom).
    • €810 shared en suite twin or double room.
    • €1100 single en suite accommodation (please note that single room availability is limited).
    • €540 non-participating partner sharing a room.
    • €650 work-exchange option (only one place per week): about 2-3 hours’ help per day with light household tasks (e.g., washing dishes, cleaning yoga studio) that does not interfere with the attendance of all classes. Accommodation in triple room.


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