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Yoga Lifestyle retreat with Julie

Make Ordinary Days Extraordinary


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"This is a (re)TREAT for yourself. So worth it!” Eugenia, Greece

Do you want to:

    • Live with joy and ease?
    • Find a healthy and balanced lifestyle?
    • Cultivate mindfulness and gratitude?
    • Connect with your essence and core values?
    • Enhance your health and wellbeing?

Join life coach and meditation and yoga practitioner Julie for a 7 day Yoga Lifestyle experience on Crete, the inspiring and heart-opening Mediterranean island paradise.

Julie used to have a busy corporate job in London. Once she learned to live her days mindfully, she noticed how she became much more relaxed. The days weren’t less stressful, but she wasn’t as stressed anymore. Instead, she was feeling grateful for living effortlessly and in flow. She created this exclusive Yoga Lifestyle retreat to assist you in cultivating gratitude and discovering what mindful living means to you. The five themes of this life changing retreat are designed to help you reflect on and anchor your days in the things that matter most to you and commit to living that. Treat yourself to a break from every day life and learn how to flow with joy and ease. Come back feeling transformed, reborn, empowered and committed to a healthy and balanced lifestyle tailored to your rhythm and needs. Rekindle that deep connection with your inner being, and with fellow participants who will quickly become close friends.

“The retreat was one of the best experiences of my life. I'm incredibly glad I signed up for it. I am a stronger, happier, more positive person now that I learned so much about myself and life. Thank you!” Mouna, France

This powerful retreat will give you:

    • Written positive outcomes about what living joyfully means to you
    • A renewed sense of energy and joy in life
    • An individualised roadmap on how to get there
    • Commitment to prioritise according to your values
    • A chance to soak up the magical Mediterranean

Julie facilitates the workshops through an energising mix of activities - from yoga, meditation and mindfulness visualisations to dance, life coaching, ceremonies and art.

‘’I loved the retreat! I feel reborn and I have experienced a radical shift of perspective. I am going along my days with mindfulness and the results are astonishing. My friends are amazed’’ Katarina, Germany

"You have changed my life and given me the confidence to open up and live with joy and ease. You’re an amazing coach who opens people’s hearts. Thank you" Giacomo, Italy


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  • Course Highlights

    • Daily meditation and conscious movement (dance or yoga) session
    • Daily Yoga Lifestyle workshops
    • Facilitated by professional and experienced life coach, yoga practitioner and dance therapist
    • Warm and supportive group of like-minded people
    • 7 nights' accommodation in traditional guesthouse located near beach
    • 6 breakfast smoothies, 5 lunches, 1 brunch and 1 dinner included (all vegan)
    • Linen and towels provided
  • Course Programme

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    The week begins with a delicious vegan welcome dinner on Saturday the 12th of October in the evening at 8 pm.

    From Sunday to Friday we will start the day with a lovely relaxed movement and meditation practice. Then it’s time for a refreshing detox smoothie before we start the interactive morning workshop. After lunch and siesta we come back together for the afternoon workshop.

    “The retreat was one of the most exciting and life-changing holidays I’ve ever taken. Surrounded by lovely people in an amazing natural environment of flowers and olive trees, I experienced how to live more joyfully in daily life and give a smile to the world.” Franziska, Germany

    Each day we will take a closer look at the benefits of one of the five Yoga Lifestyle themes:

    | Welcome dinner
    Sunday | 1. Waking up: how to start your day with awareness
    Monday | 2. Mindful routine: how to build a yoga and meditation practice
    Tuesday | Rest day
    Wednesday | 3. Eat joyfully: how to nourish your body
    Thursday | 4. Flow through your day: how to keep things simple and follow your heart
    Friday | 5. Unwind: how to close your day
    Saturday | Brunch and goodbyes

    The retreat programme is designed to put these themes in practice straight away so you will experience the benefits of a Yoga Lifestyle first hand. We will explore what each theme means to us personally and how to commit to bringing them out more in our lives. We will learn tools to overcome self limiting beliefs that may stop us from doing so. Read more about Yoga Lifestyle in this article about ‘Making ordinary days extraordinary’.

    We will be out in nature as much as possible so we can enjoy our connection with the sea, the trees and the hills. In your free time, you can relax, enjoy the beach and sunshine, get a massage, explore the village, take a walk in the countryside. Individual excursions (e.g., hikes, boat trips) can also be arranged during the week at an extra cost.

    The number of guests is limited to 10 to create a warm and friendly atmosphere and to ensure that everyone gets a personalised experience.

    Six vegan breakfasts (smoothie) and 5 lunches are offered at the house, while in the evenings guests can dine out in the village restaurants (not included in the course cost; approx. €15 for a full meal including drinks). On Saturday the 19th of October we will have brunch together before guests leave. The welcome dinner on Saturday 12th of October is also included in the price.

    "The retreat group feels like a family tribe...after many retreats across the world, I said to myself no more retreats but Julie is different, she is unique, she is real, you can trust her. With her powerful tools you will discover yourself and believe in yourself more than ever!" Ariana, Spain

    More about life coaching

    Coaching enables you to create real and positive change by dramatically increasing your levels of self-confidence and awareness.

    A life coach facilitates your journey of finding answers to your questions. The answers already lie within you and point you to how to realise your full potential. The life coaching method is built on the cornerstone that we are all naturally creative, resourceful and whole and that we all possess the capacity for knowing what is best for ourselves.

    In a coaching session, the coach creates for the client a safe place of authentic being, powerful listening and encouragement, to uncover the best in oneself and others. This way, the coach and client together create insights and commitment to action so that the client’s life is optimised.

  • Julie Mosmuller

    julie mosmuller 2017Julie combines her management consulting background with a thorough understanding of personal growth and coaching. She has a keen interest in dance, nutrition and eastern spirituality, which has led her to spend most of the last 5 years in India practicing yoga and meditation.

    “You have changed my life and given me the confidence to open up and live with joy and ease. You’re an amazing coach who opens people’s hearts. Thank you!

    After quitting her strategy consulting career with Deloitte London, she retrained as a Certified Professional Co-active Coach with the acclaimed Coaching Training Institute, London. Also a certified Dance and Movement Therapist with the International Dance Council, Julie coaches a broad client base – from entrepreneurs to executives, mothers, academics, students and volunteers. In addition to 1:1 sessions, Julie facilitates retreats, workshops and coaching training in India and Europe. Her own experience has given her a keen understanding of what it takes to switch careers successfully. Transitioning from academia to corporate life to starting her own coaching and dance therapy practice taught her the importance of loving what you do and being authentic. Applying this herself, it gives her the freedom to combine personal, professional and spiritual growth. A common theme in client feedback is that Julie´s coaching style is natural, bright and impactful. It is a natural extension of what she enjoys doing – creating a safe space, tracking down the real issue and challenging the client to move forward.
    In addition to 1:1 sessions, Julie facilitates retreats, workshops and coaching training. She also does freelance business strategy projects. She loves her yoga and meditation practice, is learning to master tarot card reading, and can often be found in the kitchen making vegan desserts. She blogs about spiritual and coaching topics on iliketothinkabout.wordpress.com. Find out more on www.maitreecoaching.com.

    “"A most refreshing and inspiring experience to be reminded of the things that make me feel truly joyful and empowered. There were times when my usual negative mental/emotional patterns emerged, and it was extremely helpful to have the tools there and then at hand to work with these patterns with awareness and love :-)”

    "Julie taught me to acknowledge my values in my decision making which has made such a difference to my life. She is a joy to work with and I would recommend her to anyone.”

    “Julie helped me a lot to accept myself the way I am right now. She has such a good energy and a very gentle and good soul. Her wisdom has a special grace that has an immediate effect when she speaks.”

  • Prices

    (all inclusive) per person

    Early Bird Discount (€50 off displayed price) applies for bookings 3 months in advance of course start date (before the 12th of July 2019)
    • €840 double ensuite (single occupancy) - please note that single room availability is limited).
    • €670 twin or double ensuite shared.
    • €620 triple ensuite shared.
    • €640 single non-ensuite.
    • €580 small twin non-ensuite room shared (ideal for friends).


book now yoga on crete

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